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    • Live Like a Local in Malta

      Planning a summer holiday in Malta?  It’s no secret that some of the most idyllic Mediterranean spots are found here.

      Lively festas, sparkling sea views, and savoury delicacies are just a few highlights to get started. Locals also relish the high season but skip the tourist traps, too.  

      You can do likewise by taking the path less travelled. This time, book your flights to Malta and live like a native.

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      I used Airmalta last week for my flights to Vienna, Munich and Catania. On Sunday morning, Catania airport cancelled all flights due to an eruption of Etna. Airmalta had everything prepared for a bus to take us to Comiso and fly to Malta from there. Ryanair passengers were left stranded in Catania! Thank you Airmalta for REALLY taking care of your passengers. Feel free to use my comment on any social media.

      Thanks, Clyde

      We have traveled with Air Malta to Malta visiting family at least 10 times, we would not go with any other airline as we always find our travel with you so smooth without problems.

      Terrence Rossitter - United Kingdom

      We travel to Malta every year and I wouldn't fly with any other airline.

      Colin Bruce - United Kingdom


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      Events in Malta

      10 May 2020


      16 May 2020

      FIZZ THE SHOW...more

      17 May 2020

      2020 OCEAN LAVA MALTA 113k TRIATHLON...more


    Perceptions of Malta - a Questionnaire

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